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Hi friends,

I got the following error :slight_smile: when using config file to send email. I’m new on what dictionary, getting confusion. Anyone can help? Thank you.

Here show the workflow:


Hi @jojo123, this is very simple! If you click on your project folder, you will find a config.json file (It looks like a .txt file). Just check it! Most probably, the “Name” field is either missing or spelled incorrectly. Just correct that, save it and it will work fine!

Thank you @KM1996

I’m not able to spot the mistake in config.xlsx

Hi @jojo123, you cannot use that activity to add all the items to the dictionary. It works like this:

It’s for one specific item.

Hi @KM1996,

is it possible for me to use the the Key and Value in the config.xlsx ? I thinking not to hard coded the value in the project. Thank you.

You can use the InitAllSettings.xaml provided in the RE Framework. Or you could follow the steps mentioned here towards the end and create a dictionary yourself:

This is the series of steps you need to follow (credit @OpalSnow):

Hi @jojo123, did you resolve this issue? Please mark my previous answer as a solution if you did! Thanks!

Thank you very much. it has been solved.

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