Send outlook mail with direct feedback button


we should have to send outlook mail with Accept and Reject buttons, and when client click on the button should pass the direct feedback mail to bot.

Does anyone have any idea regarding this?

Hi @dilini2004,
This has to be made as a object in VB for outlook. You can start here:

Hi @Pablito,

could you please explain how can i use this code in to uipath

I think it need to be design in outlook using VB and then you could use it as a template message.

Hi @Pablito,

could you please give an example workflow for this ?

It needs to be designed in outlook not in Studio. Each MS office product has VB console available where you can program a code. The solution I showed you requires to write such code in the outlook vb console to make draft message with this programmed buttons. I’m not sure if there is a way to implement such code using Studio.