Send outlook mail by geting the data from text file

I am trying to send the mail in html format. the status is picked from the orchestrator queue and storing in text file and then reading the data and sending the mail in html format. but may mail is not being sent. please guide me how i can fix this issue.

thank you

Hi @sneha_arbole ,

What error you are getting, can you please share the screenshot of the error ?

i am not getting any error. i think the bot is not reading my text file

Before sending it to send mail, just check it in WriteLine or in Message box as stringname.Legth.
May be you are not getting data in string.

Can you show me how you are reading txt file and passing it further?

Though it fails to the read the exact file, somehow it would have send a empty mail using MAIL ACTIVITY, isnt it

first as @ermanoj3101 suggested, check the length of the read text using WRITELINE ACTIVITY as it would ensure whether text is read or not
then we need to check with which mail activity we are facing this and it would be great if we can have a screenshot of property panel of that mail activity

Cheers @sneha_arbole