I can't send outlook mail message

can’t send outlook.

error : send outlook mail message as below.

Help me please.

emailSubject seems to have an error.

Try to correct it .

Can you please share the content what you send in emailsubject



Assign : string emailsubject = String.Format(subjecthtmlText,value1,value2)

Can you please print the same in message box and check whether subject if getting framed properly .

In message box is show value1 and 2 correct.

Check in Sendoutlook mail, Properties, HTML check box is checked or not

HTML checked.

but in assign if i change emailsubsujt =“test”

it send.


in Subject remove HTML tags, just give

subjecthtmlText= Report from {0} period {1}

string emailsubject = String.Format(subjecthtmlText,value1,value2)

Don’t give </body>


where declare subjecthtmlText= Report from {0} period {1}?

assign or notepad

In Notepad, just keep this: Report from {0} period {1}


Just for info, The HTML tags you can use for Body only not for subject


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