Send Outlook Email with HTML body images issue


I tried to send outlook email with HTML body but images do not dislpayed. I tried with txt/ HTML file and with teplate from word file but nothing.


Note: Images opened correctly if i open they files directly on web.

Any thougth?

Thanks in advance,

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Hey @nrok, Local images can’t be sent through email.

Try hosting your image in server like cdn, drive, dropbox and then use the link in img src.

This should help.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply.

I used Mail Activities from Marketplace and it run perfectly.
(UiPath Marketplace | Error)

Hi @nrok thanks for sharing the solution

I saw many people faced this issue of attachment of images email body

Most solution what I provide is like @Nithinkrishna said

Thanks for sharing :blush:

Nived N :robot:

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