Image is not sending through Send Outlook Mail only image placer is there

I want to send one local image by in email body (Inline Image through bodyHTML tag On). When i try to send it OUTLOOK, only placeholder is coming instead of that image. Can somebody help me out with this?

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is image mentioned in html tag

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HTML Body = “<img src=‘cid:’”+oAttachment.ContentId+"’’ alt=‘Smiley face’ width=‘150’ height=‘150’>"

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Is bodyhtml been checked in send outlook mail message


Yess… I have cross checked , that its sending correctly to gmail… but on Outlook image is not showing in sent and in inbox also.

If possible can i have a view on the property panel of send outlook mail activity
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ImageInOutLookBody.xaml (13.7 KB)

remove the account in the property panel and try once
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Still not working…:unamused:

How ever if i will send the email to gamil then on gmail i am able to view the image.

I suppose you already found a solution, but if not, try this solution provided by @hasib08 , it works really fine: I'm not able to send my Outlook mail with the images on its body :blush: