Send missing employee data mail

There is one excel file in that file there will be given some employee data like employeeid,firstname,lastname,payrollarea,currentdepartment,hrbpmail this was given in that excel file
i have to do this i have to make a new excel file in that file i have to copy the missingdata and that missing dataplace i have to paste the header of the column name
this was done
but after that next i have to send the respective mail.
in the excel file there is one hrbp id column in that column there will be some specified email i have to send the particular employee data to particular hrbp email
if there is some blank hrbp emailid then this data was send to my new email and this email is not given in the excel file

check that particular column from datatable is null or whitespace then

in attach file what i have to attach

Do you want anything to attach ?

in outlook message activity what i have to attach

If you want to attach any files,you can attach using attach files.otherwise leave it