How to Send multiples mails

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            How to send multiple  mails  by extracting mail id's from excel sheet based on if one of the excel columns data matches with the condition (like if multiple employees are absent they should get  mail)


Can u share sample excel file?
or can clear the requirement


if certain employee is absent today .then he/she should get mail

So u can use Read Range then
Use Filter Datatable for ToDays date column say column name= Date.Now.Tostring("dd-MM-yyyy) = A and store it in DT2
Then Use For each Row
Use Send mail activity

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yeah i have done those steps but stuck near email, how to get email column data to send mail if certain person is absent

As in DT2 you will get filtered data for Absent persons
Then in for each use send mail
In to use Row("EmployeeEmail).Tostring


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