Send mail using reframework dispatcher

Hi,i am providing my code below,where i can add send mail activity how i can write code where i can write code if my dispatcher is fail.I am extracting data from excel and add to queue while doing that i have to send mail if i am unable to find excel or my excel is empty or any coulumn is empty can anybody help me plz

here is my code

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can anyboady help me out

@Sandhya_Gajare ,

Open System exception transition state

Then use send mail activity inside condition as below


Also add a retrow in exception block inside the populate Item to queue workflow


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@muhamed_fasil can you provide me solution with code plz

Please provide the mail properties given inside the transition line (980.9 KB)

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do not get you where add which property

See the below steps, check there
And update the properties of mail message

Double click on the System exception transition line

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Thank you so much

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@Sandhya_Gajare & @muhamed_fasil: Hey both, just a short addition from my side. From expierience it can be dangerous to use activities that can fail in the state transition, as they are not covered by the frameworks exception handling. Therefore, I would suggest a try catch around the send activity. Better would be to handle this in the end state, as it is covered with try catch again. Otherwise the chance of an undocumented / unhandled process end my be possible. Maybe I am seeing this wrong, so feel free to test for your self.

don’t get you ,what you mean to say,if possible explain it briefly,or else help me where and how i can send mail

@Sandhya_Gajare in this picture:

you should surround the send activity with the “try catch” activity. Otherwise, when the send mail activity fails your process will end without any message or exception handling.

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