Send mail,I have created dispatcher using reframework

I have create dispatcher which is responsible to read excel and add data from excel to queue,Now i need to send mail if my dispatcher is fail while getting data from excel or if i have not found excel at that location,or if anywhere my dispatcher is fail for any reason,i need to send mail,where i can write code to send mail.

Can anyboday help me with this its too urgent


I guess you are uploading to queue in intialisation stage. so you can give a send mail message activity at the catch of intialization

can you give me some idea with code

i have create seperate workflow for dispatcher code and i am invoking that code in initallapplication state my concern is that wherever my dispacher fail i have to send mail

Can you show me the screen shot of your State machines (states)?

And in which states you written the code for reading the excel and adding to queue

Hi ,
Wrap your dispatcher sequence in a try catch and add an exception. There in exception you can add the send mail activity

below is a code for reference
TryCatch.xaml (6.6 KB)

Thank you

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