Dear Team, How to send summary report through mail after completing queue in reframework?

The bot will download excel files from individual emails; each excel file has various sheets with data.
Now I want to upload the project number and received mail to the queue.
After processing data from each sheet. I need to summarize each sheet’s status (Success or failure) and send mail receiver mail.
How to send summary mail?

Hi @lakshmi_narayana_ch
You need to store the time at begging of the execution Ex: start_time and you just need to use get queue items activity . In which you can from you need to provide From( start_time ) and To ( values in the properties as date time . after that you need to use for each and data time will be Item and you just need to store item information to data table. Save the table in terms of excel and send that excel in mail or convert the table into HTML and send it into mail.
Here is the sample code for the reference

ConvertQueuetoReport.xaml (18.9 KB)

please follow these steps.
1-use build datatable give columns name you required.
2- use add row data in “Set Transaction Status Process”
3- add required values like status and others things.
4-Then change that datatable to html and send in the end of all activities

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