Send hotkeys for Ctrl+End

hi Team,

I need to send Ctrl+End and Alt+N while sending these hot keys using the Type into\Send Hotkeys the keys are not getting released after the execution is done and for this, I got to know that after every use of these shortcuts we need to release those keys so is used “”[u(alt)]" + “[u(ctrl)]”" after releasing these keys also, I am not able access the rest of the keys, any suggestion will be helpful and thankful.

I have never faced this kind of problem and I haven’t done anything to release the keys…strange

I think introducing some delay b/w two activities (sendkeys) may solve this problem.

we really dont need to do this way.
you can use send hotkey to send the combination.
and its also depending on the selector of activity.

in some scenarios, the shortcut keys wont work for whole window where as the shortcut key is for specific panel or part of application.

i hope you also tried the option send window message.


Hi @skini76,
There is no point of delay because I don’t have the same shortcuts at a time at different times and at different places I am using those.


Are you using the Send Hotkey activity like below?

hey @Lucas.Pimenta

I am facing the issue with the send hotkeys\Type into. Presently I am not able to get the Link but i have seen in that link that every time when we use ctrl key with a combination we need to release the keys after the use.