Send Hotkey with multiple keys - Alt+f+w+f

How do I use the send hotkey activity to send the following key press in close succession:
I have tried sending Alt with "fwf", but getting error.

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Hi @RajeshSwarnkar

You can try the send hotkey and select the special key from the drop down and enter the combination i.e. fwf.
You can try the type into activity and enter the following combination


Don’t indicate on screen
Just add the type into activity after the step where hotkey have to send.

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Hi Achal,

Out of curiosity, Is there a handy list of the key combination for the VB/C#?

Also, It would save a lot if you throw some light on the syntax of the keyboard in both language. I wonder what the d and u stand for.


Hi @RajeshSwarnkar

‘d’ stand for ‘down’ that means hold the key and ‘u’ stand for ‘up’ that means release the key.

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Achal Sharma


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