Send hotkey of more than 2 characters to Excel




I would like to send a hotkey of more than characters to Excel (ALT + C + O + A ). The send hotkey activity allows to send only two characters. Is there a way to do that ?

Thank you


Hi @Obee,

We should able to pass more than 2 characters also in a send hot key activity…



Hi @sankar.kuna

Out of curiosity ,what if we needs to pass ALT+U+P. Where there is a key “up” already available in the drop down list of the send hot key activity. In this case, Which will be processed “ALT+U+P” or “ALT+ UP”.



Hi @Ranjith,

Thats a very good revert…

Here in this it is able to differentiate between “up” and “u+p” we can mention like “up” or up it is considering that as keys and not special key…

Please try and revert back with response. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the answer @sankar.kuna , If it is mentioned within double quotes it refers to special key or it will consider the value as combination of characters.Am i right?


Hey @Obee @ranjith

You can use like below as well:



Hi @Obee,

You may also try the following strategy:

All of them are with the Activate property enabled.


Hi sankar.kuna,

I have tried this approach but it didn’t work.

I tried following combination for ALT EST command in excel:

ALT + “E+S+T”



EST should be small letter.


Thanks a ton ddpadil!!!

It worked :slight_smile:


Hi Team,

I just want to paste special values
, I selected the range, then maximizing it, then shift f10 for right click, there I don’t know how to click on values

Please help me out


Here trick is in Excel use small letter i.e. n p u etc. while using Send Hot Key