Send hotkey in windows toolbar

Hello guys,

I have a question which I am not capable of to solve it by my own. I need to switch to another folder in windows toolbar. The toolbar is opened by another application. I have a path for the folder stored in string variable.
So I clicked to the folder icon, start typing the path with Type text activity and when I want to press enter with Send Hotkey to confirm the path the text got deleted. I guess it’s a feature of the windows toolbar, but I don’t know how to confirm then.
Can someone help me with this situation? Thanks a lot

Hi @Mousero

you can try enter with the special keys in type into try that


Configure the type into also for

Hello @Sudharsan_Ka,

thanks for your answer, but I have already this option ticked.

Hi @ppr,

thanks for your answer. I was looking for enter in format like this. It’s finally working.

Thanks a lot!

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