Send hotkey "down" times variable

Hi, I need to send the hotkey “down” times a variable within a for each loop.
E.g. first loop 0xdown, second loop 1xdown, third loop 2xdown,…
How could I do that?
Thank you.

You can keep your ‘down’ Send Hotkey Activity in a While Activity.
Run this while loop till the loop count.
Eg. first loop -> count 0 -> While loop will run zero times.
second loop -> count 1 -> While loop runs one time…so on.

Let me know if you are not able to understand this.

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Thank you, Enumerable.Range(0,NumberDown).ToArray() in a loop did the trick :slight_smile:
Do you know of any better way if I have a list and need to click every item?
The list is inside a program and I need to click it to get details.
For every item I do some operations and when I come back to the list the focus is back on the first (that’s why I need to click down multiple times).

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I guess even i will approach in the way you have approached if i have to click every item in the list. I will let you know if i can think some other way to this.

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