Send HotKey ctrl + S does not save

I opened a notepad file and added text to it. I then used a “Send Hotkey” activity to save the file (CTRL + S) but it tries to do a “Save As” instead. Is there a way to just do a Save of a current file?


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could it be the case that this file was never be saved before? This would give the reason why the save as is invoked.

Try to call Send Hotkey activity within Attach Window activity.

The file was opened with an “Open Application” activity and all the activity is done inside that activity. I do a “Type Into” activity to add some text to the notepads text area and then I want to save it back to the same file.

If I use an “Attach Window” and then a “Send HotKey” (which does the same thing as before - it opens the SaveAs dialog) - it wants an element to attach the hotkey to:


Can you try to set s instead of S in Send Hotkey activity? Capital S behaives as Shift+s and ctrl+S means ctrl+shift+s which is SaveAs.




That was it.


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