Send hotkey - Ctrl+f does not work in second iteration inside forloop

Hi Everyone,

I am using send hotkey ctrl+f in a for each loop. First time it works and second it does not work. I am trying to fix this for hours but no luck and not even get a clue why it is failing second time.

Could anyone suggest what could be the issue or how it can be avoided?


@Boopathi If you are passing selectors means remove the selectors and give a try

Hi @indra actually there is no selectors. Just using send hotkey Ctrl+f

try using the hotkey inside an “attach window” activity


Hi @farhan94 Thank you. Done using Attach browser and Attach Window as well but ctrl + f is not populating on second iteration in a for loop. I gave up researching more and as a solution, I skipped searching Ctrl + f from second iteration.

@Boopathi Can you tell at what situation you are using this

Hi @indra

I need to click on list of files uploaded in salesforce which is displayed at the bottom of the page. I used ctrl+f to search “case attachment” to make the control move to the bottom of the page to download each file as the download button selector does not identify unless that screen is displayed in foreground.