"send hotkey" and "typeinto" error

excel sheet をコピーするために、send hotkey で"CTL c"を実行するとエラーがでます。
エラーメッセージ:“write text faild”
また同様に、typeinto で "[c(ctrl)]”とした場合は別のエラーです。
エラーメッセージ:“syntax error in the Key List”

Executing “CTL c” with send hotkey to copy the excel sheet causes an error.
Error message: “write text faild”

Similarly, if you type “[c (ctrl)]” with typeinto it is another error.
Error message: “syntax error in the Key List”

I would like to copy the specified part of excel and paste it on the sheet of another book, but it does not work.

please tell me.

Hi @matrix99999,

Can you please try using “Read range” activity and specify the particular range in ’ Properties" or “in range field” and use write range to copy the data into required sheet.


Hopeful it works fine…!!!

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