Send Hotkey Write text failed.error while passing alt+e & shift+l to delete sheet in excel

After opening excel sheet,not able to take hotkey.throwing error write text failed in send hotkey.

Please guide if anyone knows.

It is not clear what exactly the problem, can you post the exact line which has problem ?

ya excel i have 2 sheets .i have to delete one sheet from excel.i used send hotkeys with keys as alt+e & shift+l.It is throwing error at send hotkeys step as “Send Hotkey ‘EXCEL.EXE testdata’: Write text failed.”

please reply ASAP

Can you try using type into, following is the e.g. for Alt+F


Maybe my reply is too late…
But I write this for others to find solution with the same problem.

If you uncheck the SpecialKey, sendWindowMessage and clickBeforeTyping of Send hotkey Properties. you could solve “wirte Text Failed Error”