Send Exchange Mail with Shared Mailbox

I try to use SendExhangeMail activity with a user who is connected to a shared mailbox. It keeps giving the following:
“Send Exchange Mail Message: No mailbox with such guid.”

I put the following setting:

  • EmailAutodiscover: []
  • User: [user connected to the shared mailbox]
  • SaveCopy: [ticked]
  • From: “

Fyi, I am able to use Get Exchange Mail for getting email from:
MailFolder: “Inbox”
SharedMailbox: []

Anyone can help me or had a similar experience previously?


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Welcome back to our community!.

This error is commonly caused by an unlicensed mailbox account. Check that all of the migrating mailboxes are licensed in Office 365 first.

If a mailbox account has been assigned a license and the error persists, it is usually caused by a non-Null value in the “msExchMailboxGuid” attribute of the mailbox account.

I have had the same issue
I was able to read emails, but not to send from shared mailbox.
After a personal mailbox was created for my user, I could send emails from the shared mailbox