Send Exchange Mail with Shared Mailbox

I try to use SendExhangeMail activity with a user who is connected to a shared mailbox. It keeps giving the following:
“Send Exchange Mail Message: No mailbox with such guid.”

I put the following setting:

  • EmailAutodiscover: []
  • User: [user connected to the shared mailbox]
  • SaveCopy: [ticked]
  • From: “

Fyi, I am able to use Get Exchange Mail for getting email from:
MailFolder: “Inbox”
SharedMailbox: []

Anyone can help me or had a similar experience previously?



Welcome back to our community!.

This error is commonly caused by an unlicensed mailbox account. Check that all of the migrating mailboxes are licensed in Office 365 first.

If a mailbox account has been assigned a license and the error persists, it is usually caused by a non-Null value in the “msExchMailboxGuid” attribute of the mailbox account.