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I would like to prepare the robot for sending e-mail messages using Send Exchange Mail Message activitie, but in the settings the password is public, and for security reasons I would like to hide this password. Is it possible ? If so, please let me know how I can do it. I’m a beginner and unfortunately I don’t know how to do it.

If you are using Orchestrator, then save the credentials in Orchestrator Assets and use Get Credentials Activity to get the password.

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This can be handled with two options
The first option is we can keep that username and password in a excel file or config file and fetch them here in UiPath studio with excel application scope and read range activity
Store them in a string variable named str_username and str_password
Then use this variable in those properties
So that it won’t be accessible or visible to others
And for this we don’t need orchestrator connection and even if we want to change the value later we can make changes in the excel file itself


If we have the orchestrator access then we can store those credentials in ASSET tab where create a asset of type credentials and mention the username and password
Now in your studio use GET CREDENTIALS activity and get the output with a variable of type string for username and secure string for password
So while mentioning the username field it’s fine in send exchange mail activity but while mentioning the password use this expression

New System.Net.NetworkCredential(string.Empty, secureStrvariablename).Password

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If I use the Community version, can I use the Orchestrator?

The way with MS Excel generates the same problem. The spreadsheet contains the password explicitly, and if we protect the spreadsheet with a password, you must enter it in UiPatch Studio anyway. I want the password not to be available in such a simple way.

Of course we can
Go to url
Here we can login with common authentication with gmail username and it’s password
This will take us to the cloud page where click on the SERVICES tab and there click on the tenant link and that Will take us to the tenant orchestrator page
There we can find asset tab and create the asset of type credentials

Then to connect your machine with orchestrator
Kindly check with these stuffs that would help you connect
— first create a machine in orchestrator and that machine name should be same as in your system
To get that name go to start-> search as robot-> settings and get the machine name from there and paste the same while creating machine in orchestrator and copy the machine key after this from orchestrator and paste it in your system robot tray and mention the orchestrator url as well
— the. Make sure that we have a robot created in the orchestra with the same machine name and while entering the detail for username and password go to cmd window and type as whoami which will give use domain and username, enter the same in the orchestrator while creating robot
— create a environment now In the robot tab and tag the robot created in the previous step to this environment
— now back to our system in robot tray we have machine key, and orchestrator url mentioned readily and now we can connect

And while mentioning the orchestrator url in robot tray mention as per this topic

And in your studio we can do as per these steps

Cheers @krzysztof.stanjek

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