Get IMAP mail and Orchestrator Credential

Hello, I have a problem with the get IMAP and the credentials.
I couldn’t input the orchestrator credential (secure string) in the property field “password” so I’ve tried this:

The problem is I only received the username but it still gives an error.

*Get IMAP Mail Messages: Authentication failed.

I’ve written the Orchestrator assets name and value under the “settings sheet” in config.

Is it even possible to work with orchestrator asset credentials and the “Get IMAP Mail” activity? I’m starting to doubt :thinking:

Or is there a better “SAFE” way to store the credentials (it is for a client so have to work on other computers).

It’s the first time making a robot without Academy walk-through hints :relaxed:

Pease help!

@E_lanotte Have you Checked if the Get IMAP mail messages Activity worked properly when you had hardcoded the Logon Credentials ?

Yes, it works. :thinking:

@E_lanotte Then we have narrowed the Problem down to the Storing Orchestrator Credentials in the Assets and Fetching it.

@E_lanotte Are you able to get the Orchestrator Credentials from the Asset ? Also What are you doing to get the Asset Values?

I have a question,
I read 2 things about the assets (config)
The more I read the more I get confused :wink:
Do I need to write the asset name from orchestrator in the settings sheet or in the assets sheet in Config.

@E_lanotte In the Assets as Value. I think this post will give you a detailed explanation Asset Explanation Post

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I’ve tried this but still…
So I get the username but have problem with the password

@E_lanotte So you were not able to get the password from the Asset ?

@E_lanotte Did you set Asset as a Credential ?


@E_lanotte Then I believe you must have used Get Credential to get the Username and password, and you wanted to Convert the Secure String Password to String, Am I right ?

If that’s the case I don’t think you need to have a cnversion to SecureString since the password From Get Credential will be already in a Secure String format.

You just need to convert the password from Get Credential activity into a String type.

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yes :woman_shrugging:

@E_lanotte Also if possible can you show me the flow that you have designed in your Workflow. It might be easier to Solve, Right from the Get Credential Activity.

@E_lanotte You don’t need the first assign after the Get Credential Activity. You just need the Second Assign in this way :
password_str = New System.Net.NetworkCredential(String.Empty,password).Password

Where password is the password Output from Get Credential Activity.


Thank you,

He doesn’t give error but stays running like this all the time :thinking:

I’m going to restart my pc, maybe this helps :pray:

Thank you! :cherry_blossom:
It worked with your solution, only needed to restart my pc too :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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