Send Exchange Mail Message issue

Hello Team,

I am using send exchange mail activity to send emails.

In a excel cell I have added 12 emails and BOT is picking up till 10th email, after that BOT isn’t picking 2 emails.

for example:-;;

BOT is picking up till Irfans.shaiks@gmail

after that .com and remaining 2 emails aren’t picking.

Is there any limitation for Send Exchange Email (For each cell).

Thanks in Advance.

Hi @Irfan_Shaik ,

Is there any error coming?


No Errors.
It’s jumping to another cell to pick another emails.

Can you please share the code snip if possible.


Sorry… I can’t share that.

Except that cell bot is working fine for all cells.

Hi @Irfan_Shaik ,

jus one suggestion from my end. Check the excel cell having any new line before 10th email id .com some time having new line create issue and will not take properly and maintain all the email id’s with out new line in the excel cell and try. thanks.

Hi @kirankumar.mahanthi1

I have checked. There is no space between and no new lines between those emails.

Hi @Irfan_Shaik ,

i know there is no limitation on framing email id by separating semi colon. Could you please share your steps how you are retrieving the email id’s and sending email by using those email id’s. it will be very helpful to our forum members to guide you better. thanks.

Hi @Irfan_Shaik,

As per my understanding, can I know whether all the emails are present in a single excel cell or 12 emails in sequence order?

Suppose, if all the emails are present in one single cell, there can be any whitespace present in any of these email ids, so retrieve the values with Trim Function and declare another array of string variable and use the Split function with “;” as delimiter which will have all the emails in array format. Then pass the values one by one to the mail activity through For each activity.

Update once you have tried it.


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Hi @90s_Developer ,

Will try and update here.

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile: