Send Outlook Mail Message at many emails address in a Excel list

Hi, I need to send many emails from a Excel list.
So I put in variables the information for the Activity “Send Outlook Mails Message”.
When a Run my flowchart, it can’t read the variable like a “To”: Value.

Hi @Raysa, welcome to community!

Please try like this in your for each: str1=row (ROW_INDEX).toString.Trim

Hope this hepls!

If you need to send one mail to mulriple people, just do pretty much the same: str1= str1+row (ROW_INDEX).to.String.Trim +";" (because receivers must be separated with “;” ) and just pass that str1 to send Outlook mesaage activity and that’s it.


Thanks, the deal is: each row is an email for a different email addres at column “mail”.

No problem, just use first case and below that assign use send Outlook message inside loop.

Please keep in mind that loops are very fast and there can be some problems with outlook so I recommend to add just small delay (second or two, just to be sure). If you are running this while Outlook is not running you can use get processes activity and wait until oulook process is running in backgroud before you continue with the flow.


Hi!, the Outlook is running ok, when I removed the variable mail, and wrotte a email address, it send the emails at the same mail.

you can remove the Get Row activity and change to an Assign like this (MyEmailsToSend = “”):
MyEmailsToSend = MyEmailsToSend + row(“mail”).ToString.Trim + “;”
When in Send Mail, use MyEmailsToSend.TrimEnd(";"c)