Error occured when I try to use 'Send Exchange Mail Message' Activity to send an E-mail

Hello, can anyone help me to resolve an error what I have encountered?
I am sending E-mail by using ‘Send Exchange Mail Message’ Activity
but I see this error below
Activity name: Send Exchange Mail Message
Message: Invalid URI: the format of the URI could not be determined (I don’t see any URI field in the Properties of Send Exchange Mail Message Activity…)
Global Exception Handler: N/A

could you please let me know what to do for resolving?

thanks, reguard

Hi @SJ_Lee,

Invalid URI Exception comes when you have provided invalid server url in “Server” Property. Below is screenshot for Office365 which works for me.

URL - “” - it may be different for you as per your mail service/Client provider.



Thank you very much @Avi7 for helping me
Now I figured out how it works from your advise :slight_smile:
Also I hope help you one day

Have a great day

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Hi Avi7,

When I tried to use the server, I am getting the below error message:

“Send Exchange Mail Message: The request failed. The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.”

Can you help to resolve the issue.


Hi @Suds24, Check username and credential.

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