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I’m using send outlook mail message activity to send a mail.In that mail i have to attach two excel file so how can i attach multiple file in it?

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In attachment collection you can attach any number of resources…

Instead of one argument create two and two and assign two variables



pls refer below screenshot:

in the attachments property, you can provide multiple attachments paths.


I have file paths in config file.I wants to take that path.i dont wants to hardcode the path so how can i do?

just provide keys from config instead of “attachment_Path_1” and “attachment_Path_2”


Instead of file give the variables pr the config variable


Not working

HI @pravin_bindage

You can give multiple attachment in the AttachmentsCollection field in the properties of send outlook mail activity

Pass the file path as string of array

{"File1 full path.xlsx","File2 Full Path.xlsx"}


Print and check if In_Config(“Path_LogFile”).Tostring and In_Config(“Path_TrackerFile”).Tostring returning anything @pravin_bindage

If your attachments are in a folder you can assign a variable (Type: Array of string) as below. Assuming “Sales Folder” is your folder name and the attachment type is “xlsx”.

Then use the variable in the Attachment Collection as below.


As per error your input variables are null

I guess you ran this file directly …config is empty


yes you are right


To check run the initial all settings workflow at the start…so that config is populated.make sure in import arguments you link the config file

This would solve the issue


Now its working Thanks to all.

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