Attach files in send outlook

Hi all,
I have to attach two files one is pdf file and the other excel file which are placed in two different folders.

How do I do attach them and send in a single mail.

Thanks in advance

HI @hanviprebday

You can use the Attachment collections property in the Send Outlook activity


@Sudharsan_Ka thank you but filepath1 should we give in collection

you can pass the both the file paths in the Attachment Collections @hanviprebday \

You mean to say as arguments

Yes @hanviprebday

Hi @hanviprebday

Use the Send Outlook mail message activity to send the mail in UiPath. Click on Attach files option.
Create two arguments in the window. Then you can give the file paths in that argument values. Check the below images for more information.

Hope it helps!!


You could add file paths to the collections at run time dynamically ( Any number of attachments you want to pass), take this collection or list as Argument and pass it in properties.