How to send Email to more than 2 person

Using the “Send Outlook Mail message” activity I want to send the same email to 3 different people (including myself). I want the other 2 people to be Carborn Copys. In the “To” section I wrote my email. in the Cc section, Ive used this code. but it doesn’t work… Email_1 + “;” + Email_2 (Email_1 and Email_2 are both string variables)

Thanks for any help

You could try 2 ways,
Assign Emaill_CC= Email_1+“;”+Email_2
print the output and check

or 2nd method give the email list in excel, read that cell in a variable and check

Thanks you. It works just fine :slight_smile:

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In To address you can add multiple emails

In CC address you can add multiple emails

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