Send Bulk Emails with Uipath

Hi Team,
I have 4 sender emails in the excel file “column B” and 10000 To emails in “column C” Subject at “column D” and body at “column E”, I have to send emails by using 4 sender emails ids in a loop, am using Outlook 365 enterprise edition!! can anyone help me with the flow and conditions to achieve this task…?

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Yes @balaji.S

You can achieve it.

  1. Iterate the excel records using For-each row
  2. Split the sender emails and have it in a array
  3. Iterate the array inside the for-each row to send mails from 4 ids

Hope this helps


@Nithinkrishna can I have detailed explanation with conditions, that will helps me alot

Before send outlook activity use delay activity. Like 5 second delay for each delay. Otherwise you are IP will mark as a blocked or spam status

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