How to send bulk outlook mails

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          Here is the image of my excel sheet, i need to send mails to absent employees all at once .i have used foreach loop but it is sending mail to each employee separately . i need to send all at once with there names .


You can add their email ids in To by ; separated


am using foreach loop and storing all the absent employees in a string .how to send mail to all those emails from that string

Use that send email out of for each Row
First add those emails in a variable by ; separated

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can u please provide me with that logic .

When u use filter datatable for Absent
List=New List(Of String)
Then use For Each row
In that use
Add To Collection
In that add that EmployeeName
after for each row
Use assign
Var string= String.Join(“;”,list)
Then use Send Mail Activity In to add This Var variable


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