Group data of Excel to Outlook

Hi Friends,

am new to UIPath and need your help, I have copied data from an web application and have taken the data to excel, from excel I need to mail the data in this way.
VPEmail ID EmpName EmpID Status SupvNm Emp_1 910500 Open Sup 1
Emp_2 999866 Open Sup 2
Emp_3 999866 Open Sup 3 Emp_One 999622 Open Sup One
Emp_Two 910477 Open Sup Two
Emp_Three 999918 Open Sup Three
Emp_Ten 910263 Open Sup Ten 1 Emp 910466 Open 1 Sup
2 Emp 910454 Open 2 Sup
4 Emp 900087 Open 4 Sup
5 Emp 910509 Open 5 Sup

In my company I have 3 VP’s for whom mails should be shot through the outlook picking up the email id and the group of data in front of the VP’s email id, the moment the email id changes, outlook should compose a new message and take the 2nd set of data to be send to the 2nd VP, Likewise for the 3rd group.
sampledata.xlsx (10.3 KB)
Can you please guide me with the activities and if possible share an sample please.


Hi @pereiramark

Use Read Range Activity

and for each row

use Build Datatable activity
by including 3 columns
and use add data row

in the end use send outlook mail activity with passing row(“VP Email”) along with the template

Ashwin S

Thanks @AshwinS2, let me try the steps suggested and will update accordingly.

@AshwinS2, tried many steps to derive the desired output but there’s no result, Can you please guide me on Add Data Row, am attaching the xaml for your reference.exceltomail.xaml (12.3 KB)

Hi Guys, can you please help me.

Mark Pereira