Send Back to Client Case - Queue Issue

Hello All,
I am working on a project in which we have 3 business cases and 2 process Dispatcher and Performer.
1 - Accept : If business rules are equal click accept button in the website and change the current transaction item to success.
2 - Reject : If business rules are not equal click reject button in the website and change the current transaction item to failed.
3 - Send Back to Customer: In this case if some business rule is satisfied and some are not satisfied so will send back to customer and change the queue item status to Failed and customer will re-submit that application again.
So in this case if customer again re-submits the application so it will be again in the website with the same transaction number. In this case dispatcher will not get this application again as i enable the Unique Reference option in the orchestrator because if i didn’t enable the Unique Reference so each time dispatcher will dispatch the other applications again and again which is still not processed by the performer.
Now my question is how to deal with this situation and make the process working that only if customer re-submit the application again it should be dispatched again by the dispatcher and should be in the queue again.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Buddy @zeshanm9
if you meet the third condition, so going straightly as if first two were met , that would be of no problem…so while in third condition, when it doesn’t satisfy that condition, let that status be in IN PROGRESS itself, then if the user again submit the application , the make sure that the status is changed from IN PROGRESS to Successful or Failed (only as per second condition you told),
still if it meets the third condition, let the transaction be in IN PROGRESS status and unless none of the transaction is in IN PROGRESS, don’t let the dispatcher to dispatch them again…
hope this would help you buddy
Cheers @zeshanm9

Thanku @Palaniyappan
But how can i make the status in progress if the third condition is applied?
One more thing if the status is in progress then i believe dispatcher will not dispatch that application again if status in progress, please correct me if I’m wrong?


I have read the answers and the best option for you is to use ‘delete queue item’ and when it is resubmitted by the customer there will be no conflicts.

If you Want the records of deletion and other statuses there are API’s you can use to maintain the database.

Also a workaround would be (only under the condition that the whole transaction item is the same when re-submitted by your customer) you can retry the same queue item again by postponing the transaction item instead of setting the status as failed or successful. (I haven’t personally used postpone in any of my projects so I am guessing this might work)

Tell me if this helps :slight_smile:

@Raghavendraprasad Ok i understand
But can robot delete the queue item (as i don’t want to delete from orchestrator manually)

Yeah it can. There is ‘delete queue item’ which you can use. It updates the status as ‘deleted’ so it might overcome that unique reference issue.

Check and get back to be. Let’s figure out some other solution if this fails.

yeah i already try this activity ‘delete queue item’ but it is only for the queue items with status new and in my case status will be failed or success.
I got this from uipath documentation:
Enables you to delete items with the New state from a specified queue.

Well then as far as workarounds go I can suggest you run the workflow without using get transaction activity (just using queue items) and in the end store the results in memory → Match it with transaction → then actual failure and success is to be marked and remaining transaction you can postpone to a later date within the SLA the client has given you.

Apart from this I am not so sure with ‘Unique Reference’ turned on you can load the same row/transaction again to the Queue without changing the ‘Reference’.

Regards :slight_smile: