How do we check if all transaction in reframework has already been processed?

How do we check if all transaction in reframework has already been processed ? By the way I am using transaction data as DataTable.

What I want is that if all transaction data is processed I will send an email but it should only send if there are transactions that was processed and would not send if by default or first run the transaction data is empty or I cant also put the sending of email in the End process of reframework cause if there are error it would send an email because it will be called in end process.

Where do we put in reframework the sending of email ? that would guarantee that there were transaction data that was processed and all transaction data was done and was processed.

You can put it under end process but check first if there are system exceptions.

Something like:

IF SystemException is nothing
THEN SendEmail Workflow
ELSE //Do Nothing

@Emman_Pelayo isnt it a good idea to put it here ?. If I put it on end process then if there are no transaction data and no exception then it will still send an email which I don’t want, I only want to send email if there are transaction that was been processed and done.


what if at the start of the process there are no transactions ? so it will directly go to end process and it will send email because the sending of email is in end process which I dont want.

Hi @AhmedKutraphali
so u need to send only the mail when all transactions are completed.
is it right?

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yes and the bot should be able to process at least 1 , if no transactions it will not send email

You can create a sequence or invoke a xaml file that sends email in the “else” part of the if condition in “GetTransactionData.xaml” file


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Then aside from checking if has system error, you may add the condition if TransactionData isNot Nothing

IF SystemException is nothing and TransactionData IsNot nothing
THEN SendEmail Workflow
ELSE //Do Nothing


Please let us know the approach you have used.

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