Send an e-mail with an Image as inline element


The idea is that we want to add in the body of the e-mail an image. So many conversations were created on this topic, but the main solutions are these:

  1. Add it with the HTML code “img”. That’s not a good solution because also the recipient needs to have the file in the same exact position, and that’s not what we want.
  2. Add it in base64. We need to convert it first in base64 with one of the many websites we have. That’s not a good idea: we’re doing it to do everything directly from UIPath, otherwise, I would directly use Outlook and send it from there.

Any other idea?


Hi matteote,
I can go with first solution tried sending images in email body.Its works for us. Recipient can view images without a copy to store in Recipient side.
You can UseGmail Activity to achieve this.

Hi @Lakshmi_Tiliconveli,

Sorry if I forgot to mention it, but we’re trying to achieve this using Outlook.

If you are able to achieve the expected result, please send me a demo workflow. It would be really useful!