Send All Files From Folder As Attachment

Hello everyone
I need to send several emails each one has several files stored in their corresponding folders
I must go through the folder called Negociaciones, which inside has other folders, from these subfolders I extract the files to be sent by email, I am guided by the following video, but even so, the error that informs that

Send SMTP Mail Message - Email for approval Negotiation: Access to the path ‘D: \ BeanBot-Test \ BeanBot \ EnvioEmails \ Negotiations \ 1014078’ is denied.

Hi @Juan_Esteban_Valencia

I think in the attachment section

We had to add the complete filepath of the file which we need to send not the folder path only


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@Juan_Esteban_Valencia - Could you please show us the FileDirectory assign code ?

I see you are using FileDirectory in the attachmentscollections which is correct. May be you doesn’t have access to some of the folder inside.

Here is my setup


Hello colleagues, thank you very much for the help, yesterday I managed to find the error, what happens is that within the attachment it also had the folder path as in the attachment collection

This created a conflict, delete the attachment leave only attachment collection

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