Upload files from a folder and send them by Email

Hi Every Body,

I have a folder that contains between 1 and 10 files.
I want to Upload these files and send them to my email adresse.
Can you help me please to create a loop to upload thses files?

Thank you

Hi @Robot59,

You can use either “Send SMTP Mail message” or “Send Outlook Mail” or “Send Exchange Mail” activity for sending files as attachments.
Please use directory.GetFiles("Folder_path") in the attachments collection to send all the files in that folder.

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Thank you @nimin
I use this loop to get all file from my folder but I am sorry UiPath dont allows me to upload my project or a picture ( I dnt knew why).
Where I can put the AttachementCollection(IEnumerable)

Please refer the below post

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Thank you @sudharani and @nimin,

My problem is resolved

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