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I am here trying to send pdf files from attachment folder
But it’s showing this error please assist

the path is not present in your system so can please check the path the folder is present or not
if it presents please send the screenshot of the attachment file

if you get the solution please mark the solution
Cheers happy automate :beers: :clinking_glasses:
Chethan p

Check this one below attachment


You have to give the full path like above

i think you have to give like this bellow

“D:\UiPath\udmeybots\resumefiles.pdf” this for pdf file you have
if it is excel “D:\UiPath\udmeybots\resumefiles.xlsx” inside the Attachment file you have to use this and if its in image"D:\UiPath\udmeybots\resumefiles.png"

if its work mark as solution
Cheers Happy automation

Chethan P

Here it’s not just one pdf file
There are 10 in a folder

There I have put 7 pdf 2 excel files

then you have to use assine activity in that you have to put


then you have to put inside that filePath variable in attach

Hello, @Ankur_kaushik check below you will get the solution
testing.xaml (7.5 KB)

if you get the solution mark as a solution and close the topic

Chethan P

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