Selectors; Top-Window

Dear community

I’ve run across another Issue on my workflow. I was able to pretty much automate everything I required to for a test, but it seems that currently, the solution is working rather unstable. If the window, which I’m required to interact with, is not selected explicitly (meaning, e.g. I’m minimized it), I’m getting an SelectorException because the Window will not get found. If I’m executing the same action with having the window activated and maximized before, it works like a charm. Yes, it is a selector issue, but I’m not 100% sure, why and which one. I’m working on a citrix environment and the app is also being initialized through the citrix host. However, since the UiPath Studio is on the Citrix-Host, I’m so far not depending on OCR actions (which I’m quite happy with…).

Thanks for a quick advise

Have you checked whether you can use SimulateType or SimulateClick in the Properties window of the activity to complete your actions? If so, then you would not need the application to be maximised.


thanks. Simulation does not work. I did maximize the window and the Rest, I could solve by Click OCR image into the appropriate fields… not perfect nor performing but it works.