How to handle a dynamic idx in Selectors

Hi guyz help I wanna click on a changing uielement and I find it impossible when i click second time because of the changing idx i tried using Wildcard but nothing happenning thanks

this here keep changing

@SiphiweMaziya Instead of idx use class and tag

Yes, that has to work. You can use class and tag by opening the UiExplorer, clicking on the element and changing the selector’s properties so that it doesn’t contain idx at all.

Thanks actual I think the problem is in ID because the number keep changing which blocks the second click and if i use Wildcard to replace the number it also doesnt work …check bellow selector with a dynamic ID the, number to be specific

Hi @SiphiweMaziya

If selector of any element is unstable then you can look for a stable nearby element and use anchor base or click relative things.