Need Assistance in selector

Hi Brilliant team,
Looking assistance from big team. Facing issue in selector. Wildcard is not perfect.
Here is the selector

For aaname sometimes it would be Dow* and sometimes Download. So I need to add if condition in this selector though both will cover. So please assist me how to add if condition in this selector?
Note: Don’t want to use wildcard method.

Thanks in advanced

Hi @Jesmine,
Refer to this please:

Looking for sample

Hi @Jesmine ,

Could you let us know by Dow* do you mean the literal character * or the Wildcard * being mentioned here.

If it is the wildcard being used, then it should match the word Download as well.

But if it is the literal * then maybe we can achieve the selector validation with the help of regex matching like below :

aaname = '(Dow\*|Download)' matching:aaname='regex'

For more details on regex in Selectors Check the below post :

Let us know if it doesn’t work for your case.

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Hello @Jesmine - Try using fuzzy selector which enables to tune the selector to determine the matched data. Have a look on the below doc and video

Fuzzy Selector - UiPath Video