Selector Validation issue in Edge

I am trying to automate the opening of form, by giving the credentials in edge. But the selectors are not getting validated, every time I have to indicate the element and validate it manually. I have used the same approach in firefox and chrome also, there after removing some selectors I am able to automate. But I am not able to do the same in Edge.

Hi @aditit , can you provide the url of the portal?

Sorry I can’t.

Can you use other attributes instead of idx and role in leaf node.And also remove the cls attribute.

Hello @aditit ,

Recommendation from the UiPath Academy course " Managing Difficult Situations"

1. Anchor base
This is very useful in cases in which the attribute values are not reliable (are generated at each execution, for example), but there is a UI element that is stable and is linked to the target UI element.
The Anchor Base activity has two parts, one to locate the anchor UI element (like ‘Find Element’), and the second to perform the desired activity

2. Relative selector
This activity will basically incorporate the information about the anchor’s selector in the selector of the target UI element. However, the new selector will probably need additional editing, as some nodes of the first selector will still be in the new one. 
The solution is to have that part (like a dynamic ID) removed, and the selector will stabilize using the anchor’s selector.

3. Visual tree hierarchy
The hierarchy in the Visual Tree can improve the reliability of a selector by including the tags and attributes of the element that is above in the hierarchy.
This is very useful when the target UI element’s selector is not reliable, but the selector of the UI element right above in the hierarchy is. However, again, the selector needs further editing and validation, as the dynamic part needs to be removed and, at the same time, you need to make sure that the target element can be identified with a unique attribute.

4. Find children
This activity can identify all the children of an element that is more stable. Since its output is the collection of children, you will need to come up with a mechanism to identify only the target UI element (using one of its attributes, that makes is unique between the children, but wouldn’t be enough to identify it universally).

Hope at least one of the approaches aforementioned will help you tackling the issue.
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hi @aditit

Just try removing the attribute cls from the selector you shown


Hello, @aditit - Please remove idx from your selector and make sure your selector has aaname . if possible share your complete selector screenshot

Hi @aditit

Follow this steps to validate the selector:

  1. Replace 4 by * in title attribute and also remove cls selector
  2. Remove 3rd line

Please try with above steps.

Thanks. It worked after reinstalling the UiPath extension for Edge.

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