Selector not working - hovering

Hi Team,

selector is not working , not clicking (you can see it is rounded by blue - but not clicking the connect)

Hi @ahlam.alawi.aa.92

Could you maybe provide the context:

  • what is your Studio version
  • what is the version of the UIAutomation package that you are using
  • what is the selector (a screenshot would help)



Could you still provide:

  • the version of your UIAutomation package
  • whether you have the Java plugin installed
  • the screenshot of your preferences panel for that Click activity

Could you also try the Hardware Events option:

How to get * the version of your UIAutomation package

It seems Java plug in is blocked by our administrator

You can check it in your Package Manager:

The plugin can indeed sometimes help with Java automation. You could try contacting your IT team about installing it.

Thank you.

Based on the information you provided, I’d still try three things:

  1. See if the click will work with Hardware events (you can change that in the properties of the click activity)

  2. Try to update to the UIAutomation package 21.6.1-preview and see if that fixes the issue

  3. Contact your IT department about the Java plugin installation, which might help here as well