Selector not working when running the whole process

While I am testing the single xamls, selectors are working fine, but when I am running the whole project selectors are not working. Can anyone help me to solve this issue?

@nagini.pragna how many workflows present In your project?Are you executing the workflows sequentially?

Hi @nagini.pragna,

Maybe a timing issue here.
Could you share one of the errors?

And is it always the same activity which fails?

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What is the UiAutomation that you are performing.
Is it on any browser or Desktop Application
Check if you can add delays (delay before and after in the activities).


Hi @Vishal.Khurana, @nagini.pragna,

If you want my opinion, you should always avoid Delays.
Nowadays we have the visibility check in every UiAutomation activity(click, type into, checkstate etc):

We use version 22.4.7 of the UiAutomation activities.

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Thanks @Robert_Lansbergen for the Information.

Hope this helps you to solve your query @nagini.pragna.


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