Selector is dynamically changing

Why selector is changing dynamically?
Yesterday it was validated morning it is validating


Could you please show me screenshot of the selector once. And tell me what is changing in it.

Selector is not validating, now I have used attach browser. lets see I will let you know

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UiPath.Core.SelectorNotFoundException: I am getting this exception

it is showing cannot find children div content repeater

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ususally browser will have certain attributes in their xml elements whose values get changed dynamically when they are opened newly or run every time newly.
So such dynamic attributes can be handled with wildcards like

  • to replace many characters
    ? to replace a single characters

Cheers @KarthikBallary

I have used all those. ok how to make if one sequence is not excuted completely not go for next. other sequence has to wait until the first one completes.
Tell implict wait than explicit

Use a flow chart for this case
–use a flag at the end of first sequence using a assign activity like
Firstsequenceover = True
–Then before going to the second sequence use a flow decision activity and mention this like this
–Firstsequenceover in the condition property of flow decision
–if the condition gets satisfied loop it to new sequence in true sideor
loop it again to first sequense in false side
Cheers @KarthikBallary

@KarthikBallary IS it posssible to share screen shots or xaml file

No Sorry its a matter of confidential

It got resolved thanks all.
I have one more doubt,
I have a image if mouseover is done, we get a link at task bar.
I need to fetch that text. As soon as mouse is out of image link disappears

may i know how that image occurs a screenshot if possible
well we can use screen scrapping option in design tab in the studio

Cheers @KarthikBallary

visit this site hover on any image, u will see the link in task bar

I need to fetch here “https://flipkart/mens…etc”

any idea?