How to select dynamic result

I have a date 2019
based on this date it has to select the particular date in UI.
It has list of dates. no search option. not in table format

Hi @KarthikBallary

Looks like you want to select a particular dte in UI. Can you explain how this date resides in the UI? Is it a dropdown item? or just a label?

Based on how it resides in the UI, the selector to use is different.

However, the easiest way to get the selector generated would be to use the UI Explorer in Studio. Go to UI Explorer, click on the element which you want to select. This will generate the selector along with a value tag which includes the actual value. You will need to make the selector dynamic (replace the value segment with a variable) to capture any value that is passed to it…

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Please see this above code… this will return dynamically all file names…
from each name find out date and use for identification to in your UI.

folders are present in UI only

which technology would be prefreed
copy text?
copy image?
data scrap
screen scrap

IS this a web application or a desktop application?


First of all i was assumed that your folder like structure is in a browser based application. if not please let me know what is the application. is this a ERP cloud ? stand alone machine, windows platform ? Citrix …etc…

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yes this is browser based app

Then you need to find out a selector of the generic frame of visible folder list.
Pass that selector into a get Text activity. That will return a string variable with all folder names.
By using string manipulations, you have to find out your required folder name (date or any format.)
Hope my inputs are useful!

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That is not a folder. How do we use folder selector for web app
clcik on that select class how to get that class list. or I have to click on class X(dynamic). How do I click

you need this UiPath Academy

I used OCR text exists activity.
now exist status is shoeing true.
whats next procedure?
I need to click on that text

By the way whats the use of tesseract OCR?