Selector does not consider title

I’m working on an xvt desktop application. When I want to click on an option, the selector is considering dynamic IDX but does not consider the title. If I include the title, the selector validation goes red?

Need some quick help on this?

@soumya_yadav can you paste here the original selector and the customized one?

Actually, it considers the main title, there is a new issue emerged, it does not identify uneditable texts or titles to click and scrape the data from the app. It does not identify other UI components nor its title. The app is built very rigidly.

Here is the selector
<wnd app=‘sslvideo.exe’ cls=‘XVIDEOdrawtask title=‘wrprpr’>
<ctrl role=editable’/>

Hi @soumya_yadav

Have you managed to resolve your issue in the meantime?