Selection Question

Good Morning Everyone!!!
I come to ask question for you now.
First look at the picture:%E5%B1%8F%E5%B9%95%E6%88%AA%E5%9B%BE(13)
Do you see the ID in the 1st column?
And my question is:
How can I get the row information with ID
For example: I known the ID which is 50010202, and How can I get another information such as Name,Department and Bound with ID.
Please help me to solve it .
Thank you.

@Chenzhixing.PRC U have posted same question below link and check answer in that below link

I created this question.
But this only can get Bound with ID not all information in this row.

@Chenzhixing.PRC check below statements u need to change column number in that statement that’s all.

Name = dt.Select(“ID=‘510102’”)(0)(1).ToString

Department = dt.Select(“ID=‘510102’”)(0)(2).ToString

Bound = dt.Select(“ID=‘510102’”)(0)(3).ToString

this can solve it but
I want use one sentence to get the information.