How to get the entire row

hello there,
is there a way to get the entire row from a datatable with a unique clue one item ?
here one exemple :
(suppose there are more than 3), i have the id (string) = KI023RA, how can i get the whole row informations ?
which is id = KI023RA; city = madrid; age = 48


Hi @grish you can use the filter data table acitivity
you can use the attached workflow for reference…here the searched keyword is “lodgement”
Main.xaml (8.6 KB)


dt_row =“id=‘KI023RA’”).firstorDefault()

Hi @grish
You can use the Read row activity to read the whole row.
Thanks & Regars

Hi @grish

You have few options available.

  1. Extract excel data to a datatable
  2. Use assign activity, and do some datatable functions… you can filter data as
    This will get your data into a datarow array… you can loop through the array easily then…

Or else, you can use the filter data table activity that is available under datatable relates tasks to easily filter data based on your criteria

These two are the best options for you i guess… :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks for the tips guys !
i’ll try this and see if it works

i was focused on the fact that i used data scraping, i didn’t realise that i could save the datatable in a excel file and use the read row

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you wont need to save it into an excel:

  • Create two variables, a datatable called dtData, and a datarow called rowData
  • Create three more variables called strID, strCity and strAge all string variables
  • Scrape data into dtData in uipath
  • Use an assign to assign into the rowData variable using this code:"[id] like ‘KI023RA’)(0)
  • Assign to strID = rowData("id).tostring
  • Assign to strCity = rowData(“city”).tostring
  • Assign to strAge = rowDAte(“age”).tostring

those three variables will now have the specific info from that row.

that should work…

Hi Fernando,

I want the same, in my case I need to extract the whole row from the data table , giving me an output as an array and then using that array , by using the index values .