Expressions to get the row values

Hey folks, Hope you all are doing awesome
I’m a beginer & have a question
lets say , we’re getting the Id coimn value dynamically

& we need to select or store the respective number row data

What is the expression or activity for that ?


Hi @Jiban_Stars ,

I would recommend you to start with the UiPath Academy Courses. You will get a better idea on How to do operations with Excel, UI Automation etc.

However, there are also many Youtube Channels/videos that might be able to help you Solve this Problem. Take a look at one them below :

If you Still need help, please let us know where exactly is the problem that you are facing.

Main Activities to be used :

  1. Work Book Read Range
  2. For Each Row in Datatable
  3. Assign
  4. Type Into/Message Box (Depending on the Type of Accessing you want)

Thanks but

If you dont mind

can i have specific ans to my question please ?

Looks Like you want to Filter the datatable for are particular ID value to the corresponding datarow.

Have a Look on the filterdatatable Activity and also Here

Depending on what you want to do for further Processing WE can suggest a more individual solution approach

Surely Ill Check, Thanks

but for now i just wanna know–

check that excel data photo

lets say ,randomly i got the value of ID =115
& from there i need to print the value of respected data from ,its number column

So what expression shall we use ?